Cannabis Clubs

This is the latest club list from UKCSC

This is the complete and official list maintained by the UKCSC.

If there isn’t one close enough for your liking – start something BIG today by reading this guide! This is a serious strategy by the United Kingdom Cannabis Social Clubs to reach the national cannabis community – to make a change via presence in every area of the UK, we can only be heard if we make ourselves a presence.

By creating a network for activists and enthusiasts people can be helped on all levels, politically, medically and socially – everyone’s message can be spread. It’s time to offer a real alternative to the current failing model of prohibition.

These groups are for adults of 18 years old and over. They hold local public meetings, days of action where they hit the streets to inform the public and hand out leaflets and also the occassional social event. Some clubs are member only but still have open social events as well as private member only events, while other clubs are in the early stages of forming. If you think you have something to contribute or can make a difference make contact with your local club or build something from the ground. Maybe you have a group of people with the same frame of mind – now is the time.

Some groups are purely activist, some groups are simply there to look after their needs and remove themselves from artificial and unnecessary economical chains.

As said above if you would like to get things moving in an area that is not yet getting active in the real world, make contact with them and let them know how you can make a difference.

Cannabis Social Clubs that support our UK mission: