We currently have no paid opportunities within the club as the club is completely voluntarily run and currently generates no revenue via donation, sales, or government funding as yet. There are plans to explore some of these revenues to generate funds for future campaigns.

Would you like to volunteer for Doncaster Cannabis Club?

If you’re passionate about the cannabis plant, the medicinal properties, fighting the war on drugs, fighting the stigma surrounding cannabis use, and recognise the importance of cannabis culture too then maybe you’d like to share your passion and write about it? Maybe you would like to help create and share content that helps share the facts about cannabis?

Cannabis News and Writers for the Site

We’d be looking for some article writers for the website, again these would be voluntary roles, and would give you the chance to become active members within the club and help steer the club on a journey through to cannabis legalisation.


  • Familiar with on-line blogging and content management systems would be beneficial though word-processed articles could be submitted for editing and posting to the website if you’re more comfortable working that way.
  • A good basic level of English
  • Passionate about our cause
  • Driven and self motivated
  • Medicinal users especially welcome
  • Growers should contact us about the types of things they may like to post about
  • Articles must be fact driven and provide quality, reliable sources

Social Media Gurus

We currently run a Facebook page with over 1000+ likes and a twitter account with roughly the same, we are always looking for volunteers to help with a social media status.

If you’re interested in helping out and joining us for either of these roles please contact us using the form below to register your interest and we’ll get back to you ASAP.