We Are Doncaster Cannabis Club

This Is Doncaster Cannabis Clubs Official Site,
I started the club back in 2012 but with little to no interest initially it was difficult to get momentum.

We dont have an offical location, but iof there is a business in Doncaster that would like to become our HQ please let us know!


We are Doncaster Cannabis Club Is a large group of cannabis users banding together, to spread the truth about cannabis regarding its medical use and the benefits it can provide to members of the public, We back NormlUK all the way and hope to change the laws on cannabis. Meetings will be held when our numbers increase

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on.


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Here at UKCSC we’re hoping more people will realise the benefits of moving forward and regulating yourselves using the UKCSC model. This is to test the waters for all the independent clubs out there who might be wanting more information about what to do next and if the UKCSC model is for them.

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Become a UK Cannabis Social Club member to help fund our cannabis policy reform campaigns.

We have an ever expanding number of members joining us on our mission, such as academics, clinical researchers, politicians, police officers and crime commissioners, journalists, barristers, doctors and nurses are all showing their support publicly.

We must achieve our aims of a safer cannabis market in the UK to make sure it meets the consumer and patients needs.

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No we don’t sell cannabis

Cannabis Oil is a very difficult substance to make, unfortunately we do not know of any suppliers where we can get this from in the UK.

The best thing is to either ship it from outside the UK in or find someone that makes it.

We cannot be held responsible for the consequences that may or may not occur, when you attempt to order it.