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This Is Doncaster Cannabis Clubs Official Site,
I started the club back in 2012 but with little to no interest initially it was difficult to get momentum.

Events / Venues Needed in Doncaster!

We have tried to host some events in the past but there has been very little interest, we are always looking for venues that will allow us to have  a event within their grounds, if you know any places that are willing to allow us to host an event please let us know.

For all event enquiries or if you would like to host an event on behalf of Doncaster Cannabis Club please email [email protected]


For all membership enquiries please visit the UKCSC Membership Page @ £25pa. & Private Members Club Registration @ £250pa

Benefits Include:

  • Register your personal grow with the UKCSC’s Tagged Plant Model – a Cannabis Growers Union supporting your Right To Grow.
  • A selection of discount codes from businesses that support our aims and activism.
  • Free Entry to independent UKCSC Educational Talks/Seminars.
  • Monthly members only update e-mail with the latest go to events and happenings.
  • And more..

We aren’t taking membership for Doncaster Cannabis Club just yet.


We cannot sell cannabis nor can we tell you where to find cannabis, we can only advise to do some research and take the best course of action for your current circumstances.

Volunteers Needed

We are always looking for talent individuals to help us maintain the Facebook & Website and help come up with new ideas, so if your interested please email [email protected]

SHOUTOUT: Head2Head, Bentley Doncaster.

409 Bentley Rd, Doncaster DN5 9TJ | 01302 780860 | Tues-Sat 11am-7pm

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